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New review ! Eizo CS2730 monitor  |  March 17, 2018

i1 Studio

Eizo CS2730 monitor



My latest monitor test: the Eizo CS2730. A 27-inch (2,560 x 1,440) from the Eizo ColorEdge series certainly more expensive than its direct competition but what do I want you to know: it's worth it because not only the colors are perfect but also the gamma curve and, so rare on the 27-inch, the homogeneity too. For only 20 cents a day while the guarantee lasts five years, offer yourself a magnificent 27'' with which you will never stop wanting to work! Really, all current ColorEdge Eizo's are particularly fun to test right now! - Read my complete review of Eizo CS2730 monitor 


New review ! i1 Studio
  |  December 31, 2017

i1 Studio

i1 Studio review
(in French and soon in English)



On the basis of the excellent Colormunki Photo spectrophotometer that it takes over, the i1 Studio is a simplified evolution of iProfiler and not Colormunki Photo software that dated back in 2008. All that is good! To that you add the possibility of downloading the new free i1 Studio software for those who already had the old Colormunki Photo and the pleasure is total. All you have to do is read my conclusions on the main novelty: Neutralization of gray for truly neutral black and white prints - Read my complete review of i1 Studio in French (soon in English) 


Updated ! Web browers on tablets manage colors and used profiles
  | December 01, 2017

Nec P242W monitor

Noveltie ! Safari on iOS or Firefox on tablet manage colors

Now, Safari on iOS then on iPhone and iPad can used ICC profiles and manage ICC profiles.



Update : iProfiler 1.7.2 (i1Display Pro)  |  December 26, 2017

i1Display Pro d'X-Rite

Update iProfiler 1.7.2


iProfiler updates v1.7 : finally, support for 4K monitors ! - Read my full i1Display Pro tutorial 


New ! EIZO CG2420 monitor review
  |  September 22, 2016

EIZO CG2420 monitor

New review ! The Eizo CG2420 replace le famous CX241 :

  • Still 1920 x 1200 displaying Adobe RGB 98 (photographers) and DCI-P3 (video makers),
  • but thinner edges: - 0,39 pouce on each side for a tighter multi-screens configuration,
  • "Real" built-in calibration device, as on the CG247 and still with Colornavigator + cap!


New ! Asus VC239H review  |  September 14, 2016

Asus VC239H monitor

New review ! This a monitor under $200 which is a nice surprise once calibrated. I recommend it to low budgets.

  • Good value for money/Extraordinary price !
  • sRGB
  • Beautiful colors gradient
  • Under $200 !


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