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Update on Aygust 01, 2018

Colormunki Display review - X-Rite

The Colormunki Display calibration colorimeter is a new product in the X-Rite range. It has not replaced an existing colorimeter, in July 2011 when it was released. If it is placed, in terms of opportunities and price, under the superlative i1Display Pro, it has the same colorimeter and there is only the choice of the target values and the calibration speed that will differentiate them. It is essential for some people, but it does not change anything : this is one of the best colorimeter on the market for a beginner or a non-specialist.


Colormunki Display Box


In July 2011, X-Rite has launched two new display calibration colorimeters : the successor to the famous Eye One Display II, the i1Display Pro and its software i1Profiler clearly positioned as a high end product and the really new colorimeter, amator oriented, expert amators and professionals who do not wish to benefit from all the latest settings available : the Colormunki Display. It is significantly less expensive than the i1Display Pro at about £150 and is still providing a real colorimeter with glass filters and the ability to calibrate wide gamuts displays, laptop displays or Apple iMac using a simple but not simplistic process ! It is characterized by its versatility - beamer and display calibration - and its number of adjustment, advanced enough to satisfy many photographers while remaining simple. Perhaps the best compromise ?


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Colormunki Display colorimeter presentation

New ! this monitor and beamer calibration colorimeter is a real novelty in the range of X-Rite monitor colorimeters. It is used to calibrate all the wide gamut and LED technology monitors of the latest generation and thanks to its new ADC function, it can better calibrate laptop displays or Apple iMac that have only brightness adjustment.

The calibration kit and what is in the box

The Colormunki Display monitor colorimeter from X-Rite comes with a new three RGB channels and glass filters colorimeter guaranteeing a good durability and, like most monitor calibration colorimeter, with a little weight to put on the USB cable. The colorimeter also has a classic thread to fix it on a tripod to calibrate a beamer. The kit typically contains the drivers and calibration software. Nothing but classic !


Colormunki Display Box


Key features and novelties

  • Ergonomic multifunction measuring instrument at the forefront of technology;
  • Glass filters on three channels - New ! -
  • Friendly software: "easy" and "advanced" modes, with presets activated with a single click, or assisted options for more control;
  • Iterative intelligent characterization : adaptive technology that measures and analyzes the color capabilities of each unique display for an increased accuracy of profiles;
  • Intelligent control of ambient light : measurement, compensation and ongoing monitoring of ambient light conditions - New ! ;
  • Flare Correct™ - New ! - measurement and compensation of reflections on the surface of the monitor;
  • Automatic Display Control (ADC) - New ! - to accelerate the characterization process and avoid manual settings;
  • Calibrate a beamer - New ! -
  • Calibrate multiple monitors on the same reference - association mode - New !

Technical specifications

Colormunki Display
Average price : £140
Colormunki Display - RGB and ambient light colorimeter -
Color temperature
D65 basic mode / Defined by user in advanced mode
Gamma choice
No - 2,2
Multi monitor
Ambient light control
Yes in brightness - Advanced controls.
Beamer calibration

Download Colormunki Display

Colormunki Display can be downloaded in WINDOWS 32 bits or 64 bits and MAC OS.

Logo X-RiteDownload Colormunki Display from X-Rite Suivre
Download the official documentation Suivre

Colormunki Display software installation

It is very simple and classic. Nothing special to say so ! When you click on the application icon, the language detection is now done automatically. The main menu of the software opens directly onto two possibilities: "Profile my display" or "Profile my projector " in a beautiful dark gray interface. I appreciate it !


Main menu Colormunki Display
Two possibilities of calibration and characterization : monitor and beamer.



Calibration : step by step

The Colormunki Display software allows, from its main window, to characterize a monitor or a beamer in a really simple sequence.

1 - Choice of the monitor to be calibrated

When you click on "Profile my display" a new window opens, in which you will choose the monitor to calibrate if you have more than one. Select the monitor to calibrate in the list.

Multi monitors calibration ! If you have already calibrated at least one monitor, the software also asks if you want to align the new monitor to another one already characterized, to harmonize your color workflow or set of monitors. I note that this function is accessible from this so called "expert amators" colorimeter in the X-Rite range.

2 - Choice of an easy or advanced calibration

Select the profile settings that is to say, "Easy" or "Advanced" mode. Here is a summary of the differences between the two modes :


Settings choice / Modes
Ambient light
Yes - mandatory
Color temperature
D65 - 6.500 K
ADC - Automatic Display Control
Yes - 80 to 140 Cd/m2

a - In easy mode
- you do not have to choose the target values ​​: Brightness, gamma, color temperature. Everything is done automatically using a D65 light, so a color temperature of 6.500 K, a gamma of 2,2 and a brightness that will depend on the ambient light measure, now a mandatory step.

b - In advanced mode - You will have the choice of two target values : the illuminant that is to say, the color temperature - D50, D55 or the classic D65 - and the brightness of the monitor, between 80 and 140 cd/m². I like the D55, but it may be too red with some office monitors and I like around 100 Cd/m², which is now a reference when printing photos.

3 - Plug your colorimeter !

If your colorimeter was not plugged, it's time!

4 - Ambient light mesurement

Colormunki Display colorimetera - In easy mode - The software asks you to measure the ambient light. It is no longer possible to bypass this step because the brightness in this mode will be compared to that value.

b - In advanced mode - You have the choice ! The measurement of the light is supposed to improve the quality of the ICC profile. I lack feedback to give you an opinion on the long term and the quality of the calibration on a day trial, so with a changing light.

Note ! With the Colormunki Display colorimeter, measuring ambient light is only done in luminance compared to the i1Display Pro colorimeter that performs this measure in luminance AND colors for greater accuracy of the ICC profile.

Flare Correct allows you to improve the contrast of the image on high reflective monitor. Its measurement is done at the end of the calibration process of the monitor.

5 - Place your colorimeter as shown on your monitor


Place Colormunki Display on Display


a - In easy mode - Then, run the calibration and characterization directly if you have chosen the easy mode. In this mode, the ADC (Automatic control of the brightness and contrast of the monitor) is done automatically. This is a real advantage for laptop display and iMac calibration, as I could verify.

Note ! Even in easy mode, the number of color patches that pass in front of the colorimeter is impressive (119), guaranteeing a precise ICC profile. A very good point !

b - In advanced mode
- The software will help you to adjust the brightness level compared to the target value selected. Simply follow the instructions. Then, as in simplified mode, an important serie of color patches, for a software of that price level, will be displayed and measured by the colorimeter.

Finally, you will, if you choose the "Flare Correct" option, measure the reflection of your glossy display to slightly correct the contrast of your image of that glossy panel.

6 - Save your monitor ICC profile

Create profile with Colormunki DisplayProfile achieved ! Name your ICC profile with the settings you want using the proposal of the software, or adding for example the date, or even specific settings that you would be trying.
Finally, note that it is always possible to ask, as a reminder, the notification of the calibration need, every week or up to four weeks. It may be a little short, especially with recent monitors if you are the only one working on your monitor and you are sure that nobody has changed your settings during calibration. In a collective working area, I highly recommend a calibration every month. Finally, if you work or edit photos for a client whose colors, in time, are strategic, I advise you to repeat at least one characterization before your editing session.

7 - Before/After comparison

Very informative most of the time !

8 - Ambient light control

As I explained above, the brightness adjustment, in easy or advanced mode, is based on the ambient light measurement. So, it might be interesting to perform a measure on a regular basis as this feature is automated, especially if the light in your room is changing, which is likely to be the case, unless using continuous lighting.

Note ! With this control mode, the software will adapt the ICC profile created based on changes noted during this measurement. This control of ambient light can be done very regularly, as it is possible to do it again every five minutes ! Two options :

  • from 5 minutes to 1 hour;
  • Monitor and automatically correct the changes of ambient light / or monitor and notify me of any significant changes in ambient light.

It only remains to check in time, if this feature is relevant or just a gadget ... I personally do not like it because under certain light conditions, the cure is worse than the disease.


Use and verification of the ICC profile

As indicated on page Photoshop color preferences, it is prudent to verify that Photoshop is really using the new ICC profile to correctly display the colors of your monitor.



Conclusion and marks !

The Colormunki Display colorimeter is a real new colorimeter. Its quality/price ratio is one of the best on the market ! With its ADC function, it is possible to calibrate even better than before a laptop display or an iMac, whose only adjustment possibility is the brightness, which is a bit limited. This is clearly a strong point of the X-Rite solutions. Finally, the colorimeter is the same as the superlative i1Display Pro and its two major (but small) defects may be a slow software and the lack of customization choice !



Colormunki Display

Manufacturing quality
4 stars
5 stars
3 stars
ICC profile quality
4 stars
Quality/Price ratio
4 stars
  • Excellent quality/price ratio!
  • ADC function for the calibration of laptop monitors or Apple iMac
  • Very simple with high quality
  • Beautiful shades of grey with very few break tones, even on TN panels
  • Globaly nice grey neutralization.
  • Lack of settings in advanced mode (but there is the Pro version for that)
  • A little slow, maybe... count 6-7 minutes for a complete calibration/characterization
  • On a classic TN panel (desktop display), it may remain some grey that are not fully neutralized - same for the competitor and whose to blame ?
8,5 / 10


My opinion : for sure, one of the best quality/price ratio. Very good calibration of laptop monitor or Apple iMac. The first calibration is often the right one !


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